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      Who Uses Corporate Housing?

      Temporary Corporate Apartments are used by a wide variety of people and businesses for both travel and relocation accommodation. Here are some of the many examples:

      Employee & Executive Relocation

      Moving your new employees or executives to a new city and workplace can be challenging. In this case, a cramped hotel room is not the best solution. Instead, let them enjoy the comfort of a fully-furnished home from Corporate Comfort! They will appreciate the luxury and just-like-home features. Your company will enjoy big savings, with rates averaging 60% of hotel costs.

      Long-Term Business Travel

      When you’re out of town on business for an extended period, a hotel room can be counter productive and costly. Experience the comforts of home and enjoy considerable savings with a Corporate Comfort executive quality apartment or single family home.

      Temporary Employment

      Construction workers, seasonal employees, sales staff, and many others often require temporary housing solutions. Whether it is for one month or longer, you’ll love the just-like-home furnishings and convenience of a Corporate Comfort apartment.

      Temporary Relocation

      If your employees are required to come in to the Detroit area from other branches or facilities for extended periods of time, consider providing them with the comfort of a fully furnished apartment. You’ll experience big savings over traditional hotel rates.

      Extended Family Emergencies

      When you are in the middle of a housing crisis caused by fire, flood or other emergency, the last thing you need is to stay for an extended period in an expensive hotel! Corporate Comfort will provide you with a comfortable apartment, condo or single family home that is fully furnished and includes all your housewares and appliances.

      Extended Medical Stays

      The Detroit area is home to some of the world’s finest medical facilities. While you are recovering from your procedure or utilizing outpatient services, you will need accommodation outside the hospital. Or, if you require an extended hospital stay, your family members will want to be close by. You and your loved ones will enjoy the convenience and affordability of our fully furnished apartments – with all the comforts of home.

      Families in-between Homes

      It happens all the time. You sell your house, but your new home isn’t quite ready yet. Where will you live? Consider the benefits of a fully-furnished home from Corporate Comfort. It’s the perfect short-term housing solution.

      Insurance Housing

      As an insurance agent, you want to provide your clients with worry-free housing during an emergency. Corporate Comfort does more than provide disaster interim housing. We strive to accommodate your policyholder’s needs, job and school locales, and any special furniture set-ups or accessibility requirements. Your clients will have a fully furnished home coupled with attentive, compassionate service.

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